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Marion County resident shares thoughts on positive aspects of growth

To the Editor:

Stop complaining about the growth in Ocala. There are plenty of positives to growth. I don’t understand why the folks in Ocala complain about the growth.

I’m sure they shop in the stores that growth created. I’m sure they gladly eat in the restaurants that growth brought to Ocala. There are way better choices for doctors and dentists. Let’s not forget the many movie theaters that growth created.

By the way, I did not move here from New York. I moved here from western Pennyslvania. Ocala has improved greatly since the 1970’s. Yes, growth has a few negatives, but in the long run, it is a benefit to everyone in one way or another.

There are still many remote areas in Florida if you prefer that lifestyle. I have seen enormous benefits to Ocala’s growth. I remember when SR 200 was nothing but beautiful horse farms. Today that is all gone.

In reality, it was the land owners who sold out, not the county’s government. I remember Ocala’s quiet peaceful days and I miss them too, but I am thankful for what the changes have brought to this area.

Do I like the absolutely horrid traffic? No. Do I like all the rude people?. No. Do I like the crazy traffic? Heck no. But in reality, Ocala is still a beautiful place.

Barbara Minnici
Belleview resident

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