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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Ocala resident wants ice rink instead of another gas station or apartment complex

To the Editor:

In response to several letters about a proposed ice rink, I also think an ice rink would be a fabulous addition to Ocala. It’s a good point to make that we have Olympians and kids here that have no place to go and practice.

Ice skating is a treasured experience. I think people respond negatively because the idea came from a Northerner. I’d like to hear the opinions on the ice rink if it came from a resident of Ocala who has been here for decades.

I agree that we want to keep Ocala small and quaint and we want to preserve our land. So, as a request to the city, may we please vote to put in an ice rink instead of another Wawa or apartment complex? Can we accommodate the current residents instead of the future ones? Can we bring back some of the attractions and revenue we once had (much like the Equestrian Center)? And put it in a location that’s easy to access off I-75 to avoid extra traffic?

Thank you.

Danielle Alotta
Ocala resident