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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Marion County seeks business partners to help solve litter problem

Marion County commissioners are inviting local businesses to join a partnership program that aims to raise funds and bring awareness to the county’s litter problem.

The partnership program was announced during the Marion County Board of County Commissioners meeting that was held on Tuesday, July 18.

“The litter that is on our highways that includes dumping and the careless way people are ridding of their litter is a major problem within Marion County,” stated Chairman Craig Curry. “We are hoping to enlist our local businesses here to help with the litter effort. Our local government has limitations financially, and we are looking to partner together to help promote our local businesses with our branding to display that partnership.”

During Tuesday’s meeting, Chairman Curry introduced the first business partner to join the litter campaign: Cone Distributing, LLC. Team members from Cone Distributing presented a check to the commissioners in the amount of $5,000, and an additional $5,000 worth of in-kind goods and services was also donated.

Cone Distributing's team members pose with the commissioners and Rubbish at commission meeting
Cone Distributing, LLC’s team members presenting a $5,000 check to the commissioners during the Marion County Board of County Commissioners meeting that was held on July 18, 2023 (Photo: Marion County Public Relations)

Over the past two years, the Litter Task Force, which is headed by Chairman Curry, has helped to determine problem areas within Marion County. Additionally, the task force has helped to find ways to eradicate the litter problem in Marion County by changing laws, developing litter clean-up crews, and introducing a mascot named “Rubbish the Racoon” who helps teach children the importance of keeping Marion beautiful.

Marion County No Horsin Around with Marion litter logo
Marion County’s new litter logo that was introduced in 2022

“The goal is to continue educating citizens on the dangers of litter, while eliminating the existing litter within our cities and towns across Marion County and beyond!” stated the Marion County Board of County Commissioners in a press release.

The commissioners are encouraging everyone to take the “Litter Free Pledge” to help eliminate litter once and for all. Citizens can click here for more information about the Litter Task Force, Litter Campaign Partnerships, or taking the Litter Free Pledge.