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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Does Ocala do enough for its citizens?

Last week, a reader submitted a letter to Ocala-News.com stating that the city should do more for its citizens. In response, several readers submitted their own letters to weigh in on this topic.

“I agree, Ocala needs to do more for its citizens. There’s literally nothing to do here anymore. Zero attractions. They should have made Silver Springs great again instead of taking it all away. There’s one petting farm for kids. No water parks anymore or zoos. It’s restaurants, smoke shops, car dealerships, convenience stores everywhere, car washes galore, and flea markets. Oh, and every lawyer and doctor under the sun. We truly have gotten boring. It’s depressing,” says Ocala resident Angie Cates.

“I agree, the city of Ocala doesn’t have any family activities for the citizens to participate in. We have fun places to go to, but we need nice adult clubs and sports bar where we can dine and listen to live music. A sports stadium for the teenagers would also be nice,” says Noel Tulley, Ocala resident.

“As a single mother of two boys who works hard everyday to provide for my children, I feel that Ocala needs a theme park instead of building gas stations and expensive things that people can’t afford. We need an affordable place that we can enjoy and bring our kids to have fun, and for people to enjoy. We need to build something that is going to attract people and their families, not gas stations or places we can’t afford. We need something affordable and family-oriented,” says Ocala resident Evanjelita Cintron.

“I agree with the writer of this letter. Not everyone is interested in horses. The Ocala and Silver Springs Shores area needs sit-down restaurants instead of residents having to drive to SR 200. There are plenty of residents in the Shores and Ocklawaha to support them. The traffic signals are very annoying to me and not synchronized. One side goes first; the opposite side can wait up to 20 seconds before their green light. The left turn signals should be on at the same time for both directions. Fix it. More to say but I am done for now,” says James Fallucco, Silver Springs Shores/Ocala resident.