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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Ocala should do more for its citizens

To the Editor:

We are inviting all these people to move here, but we are not making accommodations for them all. You can’t keep building gas stations, marijuana shops, car dealerships, car washes, and a one-unit airplane playground and think that’s progress.

The roads aren’t being fixed, and too many traffic lights are being put in for each store, warehouses, hotels, and medical places. It is needed, but what do the people get? Nothing. No community events, no attractions, nothing to enrich the city beside horses and horse manure.

Stop focusing on the Equestrian Center. We all can’t afford this and some aren’t interested. There is some life outside of Ocala, and I advise the Ocala government look beyond and see what other places do for their citizens. Not for their pockets.

I’ve never seen such a backwards place. We should move forward instead of being stuck in this time warp.

Lisa Scott
Anthony resident