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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Police should write more tickets and increase fines

To the Editor:

In Ocala, we pay a lot of taxes, and for what? The first problem: cars, motorcycles and trucks with loud exhausts. Second, vehicles that play music that can be heard 100 yards away. Third, people that throw trash out their windows. Sometimes it’s a plastic cup, sometimes a few large bags. Fourth, people that run red lights and stop signs.

I see the above every time I am driving around Ocala. As for the trash, across from my house, people dump trash bags, mattresses, construction debris, etc. When are the police going to start writing tickets and arresting people? It’s time to increase the fines. The high fines should produce enough money to pay for extra patrols. Use prisoners to pick up trash. I have had a huge pile of trash across from my house for over six months now. Police cars go by it at least once a day and never report it for cleanup?

And Ocala officials want to keep building more houses, apartments, hotels, etc. They can’t even keep up with the current population. Greed! I would like to see a report on how many tickets are written per day and for what.

Larry Hyman
Ocala resident