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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The destruction of Ocala is happening at an alarming rate.

To the Editor:

The destruction of Ocala is happening at an alarming rate here. People are selling their farms to big developers and no concern to the environment and wildlife. I moved up here 8 years ago from St. Petersburg to get away from concrete jungles to only see it happening up here. What was once a quiet place to live is now overrun with traffic, apartments and houses filling our once pristine countryside. The commissioners have no regard to this. I have reached out to them and no response. They have the developers in their back pockets. They won’t build a new animal shelter when this is needed with all the people moving here and dumping animals and animals are getting put to sleep left and right. Yet all the land is being cleared for new development. It’s a shame what is happening here and very disheartening to watch. My neighbor cleared 10 acres for nothing. Homes for tortoises, bobcats, deer, turkeys are no longer around. This needs to stop here and get your priorities straight.

Nancy Neal