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Multiple readers agree that Ocala is becoming ‘over-developed’

In response to a recent letter to the editor published by Ocala-News.com, two dozen readers have written in to share their opinions on development in Ocala. Many of those responses agreed with the author of the original letter, who expressed concern for residents “selling their farms to big developers” with “no concern to the environment and wildlife.” Here are residents who shared her view:

I totally agree with Nancy Neal the growth rate in Marion County is out of control and why? Because of greedy builders and commissioners. The county can’t keep up with road repairs and traffic now. Traffic accidents have increased and so has car insurance. I was born here in 1944 and it was a small, beautiful community. Now, we are turning into a mini Orlando and yet it does not seem like there is no stop to the growth. Do people in this county really want to see this? – Sandra Norcrosa, Ocklawaha

Something needs to be done before all of Ocala’s beautiful green fields and oak trees are destroyed forever. The houses in these developments are packed so tightly together that you could walk from one roof to another and are ugly as sin. Most of them probably won’t last 10 years. And the apartment complexes look like army barracks. The paving over of Ocala and the surrounding horse farms is a sin and must stop before it’s too late. (It’s getting there fast folks).😡 – James Young, Ocala

We moved here 3 1/2 years ago and I can’t understand all the land that is being used to build 100’s of homes. The infrastructure of Ocala cannot handle the traffic now. What is going to happen when all these houses are finished and occupied? We chose Ocala because of the quiet and woodsy areas. That has been discarded. Our commissioners don’t seem to care. All they care about is the money in their pockets. – Eileen McGinnis, Ocala

I agree with Nancy Neal, the building is getting out of control. Instead of the electric going down with new additions, the electric is also out of control. I can’t even afford to put my air conditioner on in the heat. The poor and older people can’t afford to live here anymore.
It’s all because the people at the top want the money but they don’t live here. It’s sad that the farmers and horse people are selling their land to developers, they’ll make their money and move someplace else. I wish it would stop. –
Sharon Risley, Ocala

I moved in the Marion Oaks area 7 years ago. In the last years, the building of houses has brought a terrible increase in traffic, in an area that does not have the infrastructure. Construction trucks park in the median, killing grass. Homes have more cars that they can keep in their driveways, so they park on the median of the boulevard. We keep feeders in the back yard for wild birds. Many different birds used to feed here. Now, with the destruction of the forests, in the last two weeks, not even one bird has come. I believe that the person that is signing all these permits does not live in Ocala, or is just being pushed to sign them. Pretty soon, Ocala will not even be a shadow of the great city it was, what is worse. Permits are being issued for the construction of apartments or condos on 60 ave. So we will have more traffic, more accidents, less forest and less birds, bobcats, turkeys, bears, etc. It is a shame and a disgrace. Thank God we do not have an HOA. So it will be easy to sell and get out of this nightmare – Matilde Leopold, Ocala

I haven’t been to Ocala in some time but I live on 100 South in Bunnell that leads right into Ocala. I feel the same pain and brokenheartedness as folks over there. Everywhere you look they are building in Flagler County the same way. I have lived here over 40 years and I can’t believe it! They don’t even have enough space on the roads.The traffic is horrendous! And the prices are sky-high. The northerners are coming with higher paying jobs and still working remotely or just coming here w the big bucks. Gosh, you lived here your whole life and now you can’t afford to stay. And really, you don’t even want too! Someone’s getting the big bucks and it ain’t us! – Marcie Jezorwski, Bunnell