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Friday, June 14, 2024

Jerry Allison Davis

Jerry Allison Davis, known affectionately as Jerry to his friends and family, passed away on June 7, 2024, in Ocala, Florida. Born on March 30, 1966, in Memphis, Tennessee, he was a man whose warmth, skills, and passions left an indelible mark on everyone he met. Jerry’s life was one of dedication and love, particularly for his family.

He leaves behind a legacy through his children, Creighton Davis and his wife Kayla, Kayla Howard and her husband Wesley, and Karlie Heatherly and her husband Jimmy. His joy was multiplied by his grandchildren, Kalee Roe, Braden Roe, Zachary Roe, Nathan Davis, Miranda Howard, Marlee Kate Howard, Tucker Heatherly, Kynlee Heatherly, and Kaden Langdale, who will carry forward his spirit of kindness and generosity. His life was further enriched by his loving companion, Michell Shiver, and her daughter Megan Ortiz. Jerry also leaves behind his caring siblings, Joe Davis and his wife Joyce, and Darla Mitchell and her husband Kenny, as well as a host of friends and family who will miss his presence deeply. He was preceded in death by his beloved parents, Joseph and Rose Davis, and KD Langdale, who all held special places in his heart.

A talented carpenter by trade, Jerry took immense pride in his work. His hands were not only skilled in shaping wood but also in crafting a life full of memories and experiences for those he loved. The homes and pieces he created stand as a testament to his attention to detail and his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Jerry was a man of many interests, but none so dear to him as the time spent with his children and grandchildren. Whether it was a weekend spent smoking meat to perfection, teaching the secrets of a great BBQ, or sharing his love for old rock music, Jerry knew how to make the most of every moment. His soft-hearted nature and capacity to love big were as legendary as his BBQ, and he was well-known for enveloping those he cared for in his generous spirit. Passionate about everything he set his mind to,

Jerry approached life with a vigor that was infectious. He was an ardent supporter of American Freedom and a vocal admirer of President Donald Trump, often engaging in lively discussions about the values he held dear. His patriotism was a core part of his identity, and he inspired others with his fervent belief in the principles of liberty and justice. Jerry’s legacy is not only in the lives he touched but also in the way he lived his life with an open heart and mind.

He was a man who saw the best in people, believed in the power of community, and never hesitated to lend a helping hand. His absence will be felt by the many who were fortunate enough to know him, but his memory will continue to inspire and guide.

As we bid farewell to Jerry Allison Davis, we celebrate a life lived with purpose and joy. His story is one of love, hard work, and the enduring strength of family. We take comfort in knowing that his legacy will live on in the hearts of those he cherished and the community he helped build.

Jerry’s life was a journey of meaningful connections, and though his path has reached its end, the memories he created will continue to light the way for all who knew him. Rest in peace, Jerry. Your love, laughter, and the values you championed will never be forgotten.