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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Ocala country star releasing first album, competing to be in Rolling Stone magazine

A local country artist is continuing to make big strides in his career, having recently announced the release date of his first full-length album, as well as his nomination to become “America’s Next Top Hitmaker” and be featured in Rolling Stone.

Noah Hunton will release his first full-length album, My Life, on August 19. The country singer made the announcement just days before his performance at the city of Ocala’s inaugural Fourth of July event, Patriotic Skies.

“I am thrilled to share that, on August 19th, my first album will be officially released,” said Hunton in a post to social media. The release coincides with the singer’s birthday.

Hunton says he has spent “countless hours of hard work” to compile the album, taking special note to thank those who have helped him along the way.

“A big thank you to my producers, all the session players on my tracks, and the songwriters who helped me make my first album sound radio-ready,” said Hunton.

Noah Hunton's first album, "My Life," will also be released on CD and all streaming platforms. (Photo: Noah Hunton)
Noah Hunton’s first album, “My Life,” will also be released on CD and all streaming platforms. (Photo: Noah Hunton)

In addition to being available through all major streaming services, the album will also be available in compact disc (CD) form.

The 11-track album features several popular singles that Hunton has released over the past year, including “Shotgun Ridin‘,” “Bartender,” “All Nighters,” and “A Little Less Jack, A Little More Jesus,” which was released to coincide with his performance at SunFest.

In addition to the album release, Hunton recently announced that he has been nominated for “America’s Next Top Hitmaker,” a competition hosted by Rolling Stone magazine.

Noah Hunton is competing to become America's Next Top Hitmaker for Rolling Stone magazine. (Photo: Noah Hunton)
Noah Hunton is competing to become America’s Next Top Hitmaker for Rolling Stone magazine. (Photo: Noah Hunton)

Hunton currently ranks 9th in his group, and the “first cut” is planned for Thursday, July 11, at 10 p.m. EST.

Cast your vote for Noah Hunton to become America’s Next Top Hitmaker before the deadline.

The nomination is one of several nods this year to the country artist, who continues to bring a national spotlight to Ocala and Marion County.

In mid-May, Hunton was nominated for two separate Josie Music Awards, which are billed as the “largest, most respected, and revered” independent music awards in the world.

In early May, Hunton opened for country superstar Dylan Scott at SunFest in West Palm Beach. Hunton earned that opportunity by winning an “Open For an Icon” competition.

Noah Hunton at SunFest (Photo Noah Hunton)
Noah Hunton at SunFest in West Palm Beach on May 4, 2024. (Photo: Ruhaan Sood)

In April, Hunton performed at the Levitt AMP Music Series in west Ocala. In March, he released “Everywhere Else” across all platforms.

Hunton continues to pave his way to stardom, with a bright future ahead of him. To support the country singer on his journey, vote for Noah Hunton to become “America’s Next Top Hitmaker,” visit Noah Hunton online, or follow Hunton on Apple Music, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Editor’s Note: Ocala-News.com has no formal or financial relationship with Noah Hunton. We cover this performing artist as we would any other individual who continually brings Ocala and Marion County into the national spotlight. If you believe we have overlooked your accomplishments, please contact us and share your story.