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Ocala country artist on the rise releases new single

An Ocala country artist who has made a name for himself through years of performances at local venues recently released a newly remastered single.

Shotgun Ridin' album cover (Noah Hunton)
Shotgun Ridin’ album cover (Noah Hunton)

“Shotgun Ridin’ (Remastered)” is the newest release by singer, songwriter, and musician Noah Hunton of Ocala.

Although he’s been dreaming of becoming a country star since he was young, Hunton didn’t stop at dreams. Instead, he incorporated himself as Noah Hunton Music LLC, developed a brand around his music, and formed a team to help support his career.

Noah Hunton (1)
Noah Hunton is a country music artist from Ocala, Florida (Photo: Noah Hunton Music)

“I believe to succeed, you always need to stay true to who you are. Surround yourself with real friends; people who will always uplift you, as well as tell you how it is,” reads a statement from Hunton.

From Eaton’s Beach to Swampy’s, 100 Proof Saloon, and the Crazy Cucumber, Hunton has been a familiar sight at dozens of local restaurants, bars, and other venues over the past several years.

In addition to the local performances, Hunton has also opened for multiple big-name music acts across the nation, including Craig Campbell, Tristan Tritt, Colt Ford, and Hinder, to name a few.

Noah Hunton (2)
Hunton has opened for dozens of big-name acts around the country (Photo: Noah Hunton Music)

To support one of Ocala’s own rising young stars, visit Noah Hunton online, or follow him on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Make sure to listen to Noah Hunton’s new single, “Shotgun Ridin’ (Remastered),” on Spotify:

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