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Foul-mouthed Ocala man charged with strangling woman during spat

A 32-year-old Ocala man is accused of strangling a woman who told him not to call her profane names during a nasty argument.

Ocala man with long rap sheet charged with strangling woman in...

A 41-year-old Ocala man with a lengthy criminal history was arrested last week after he was seen arguing with a woman and not letting her out of a vehicle at a stop sign.

Umatilla man behind bars after wild family brawl

A 28-year-old Umatilla man is accused of putting a man in a chokehold and slapping a woman with the back of his hand during a wild family brawl.

Ocala man accused of trying to run down woman in vehicle

An Ocala man is in the Marion County Jail after he allegedly battered, choked and tried to run over a woman with his vehicle during a nasty domestic spat on Sunday night.

Silver Springs sex offender charged with strangling woman and ramming her...

A registered sex offender from Silver Springs was arrested Monday for allegedly strangling a woman and intentionally backing his truck into her vehicle during an argument over the weekend.

Ocala man resists arrest on domestic battery charges

An Ocala man accused of strangling, scratching and spitting on a woman was also charged with fighting the deputies who arrested him Sunday night.

Bronson man admits to biting woman and says it was out...

A Bronson man admitted to biting a woman, but he said he did it out of love.

Ocala man charged with strangling lady friend for snooping through phone

An Ocala man was arrested for allegedly beating and strangling a woman after she looked through his cell phone.

Ocala man charged with strangling woman in spat over text messages

An Ocala man is accused of strangling his recently estranged lady friend who found text messages from another woman on his cell phone.

Fort McCoy man charged with strangling pregnant woman

A Fort McCoy man arrested in August 2018 on battery charges is back in the Marion County Jail after he allegedly strangled a pregnant woman during a domestic spat.