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COVID-19 still running rampant through Ocala and Marion County

A renewed outbreak of COVID-19 continues to plague Ocala, with 437 cases now being reported in the city. That marks an increase of 12 from Monday to Tuesday.

20 more COVID-19 cases reported in Ocala as outbreak plagues Florida

Twenty more Ocala residents have tested positive for COVID-19 as Florida and the tri-county area continue to see a renewed outbreak of the potentially deadly virus.

55 new COVID-19 cases reported in Ocala as deadly virus runs...

Fifty-Five new cases of the Coronavirus were reported in Ocala Saturday as the potentially deadly virus continued to sweep through the tri-county area and the Sunshine State.

Lake County woman dies as COVID-19 outbreak hits Ocala and Marion...

Another Lake County resident has succumbed to the Coronavirus as Florida reported nearly 9,000 new cases Friday – including those in Ocala and surrounding areas.

18 new COVID-19 patients reported in Ocala as Florida tops 114,000...

Ocala reported 18 new cases of the Coronavirus on Thursday as the potentially deadly virus continued to make a resurgence in the tri-county area and across Florida.

33 new COVID-19 cases in Ocala as virus continues to erupt...

New COVID-19 cases exploded across Ocala, Summerfield and the rest of Marion County on Wednesday as Florida reported more than 5,500 new patients.

Lake County man dies of COVID-19 as virus continues to sweep...

A Lake County man has succumbed to COVID-19 as the virus continues to sweep through Ocala and Summerfield.

Ocala adds nine new COVID-19 patients as Florida soars past 100,000...

On the day when COVID-19 cases soared past 100,000 in Florida, Ocala added nine new patients for a total of 266.

Ocala accounts for 65 percent of COVID-19 cases in Marion County

Of the 395 cases of the Coronavirus in Marion County, 65 percent – 257 – have been identified in Ocala.

Nine new COVID-19 patients in Ocala as Florida zooms past 93,000...

Nine new COVID-19 patients were reported in Ocala on Saturday as Florida added more than 4,000 cases in a 24-hour period.