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COVID-19 outbreak continues at Lake County Jail with 100 cases reported

The Lake County Jail is continuing to battle a COVID-19 outbreak, with 100 cases now being reported at the facility in Tavares.

325 cases of COVID-19 reported in Marion County as state tops...

Marion County added 10 more cases of the Coronavirus on Tuesday, with the vast majority of those reported in Ocala.

COVID-19 cases among juveniles extremely low in tri-county area

Statistics show that the number of Coronavirus cases among juveniles in the tri-county area is extremely low.

Four more COVID-19 cases reported in Ocala as Florida tops 77,000

Four new cases of the Coronavirus have been reported in Ocala, where 69 percent of the cases in Marion County are located.

Another COVID-19 patient reported in Ocala as Florida zooms past 75,500...

Another COVID-19 patient has been identified in Ocala, where 69 percent of the Marion County cases of the potentially deadly virus are located.

Lake County woman succumbs to COVID-19 as Florida zooms past 73,500...

A Lake County resident has succumbed to the Coronavirus as Florida and the tri-county area continued to add new cases of the deadly virus...

COVID-19 outbreak reported at Lake County Jail as Florida nears 71,000...

The Lake County Jail is battling an outbreak of COVID-19 as another Summerfield resident tested positive and Florida neared 71,000 cases of the potentially deadly virus.

Marion County tallies 292 COVID-19 cases as Florida sees spike in...

Marion County’s COVID-19 cases increased to 292 on Thursday as the tri-county area and Florida saw an increase in new cases.

Employees at state prisons in Ocala test positive for COVID-19 virus

Two employees at state prisons in Ocala have been identified with the Coronavirus.

3 more Marion County residents test positive for COVID-19 as state...

Three more Marion County residents have tested positive for the potentially deadly Coronavirus – bringing the total to 284.