Man grabs phone from woman calling 911 and punches man during nasty melee

Ryan Shawn Walters

A 20-year-old Ocala man is accused of snatching a cell phone from a woman who was calling 911 and then punching a man while he was retrieving it.

Ryan Shawn Walters, of SE 52nd Place, was charged with simple domestic battery, criminal mischief with property damage under $200 and obstructing justice by preventing communication with 911 during the domestic altercation, which happened Tuesday.

A Marion County sheriff’s deputy responded to a 911 hang-up call from a number that matched a disturbance call at the residence earlier in the evening. The male victim told the deputy that Walters arrived at the home and began beating on the front door, garage door and windows, a sheriff’s office report states.

The male victim said when the female victim went into the bedroom to call 911, Walters pushed in the window from the outside, entered the room, snatched the phone from her hand and exited through the window. When the male victim went outside to get the phone, Walters approached him and punched him with a closed fist on the underside of his chin. The male victim said he was able to retrieve the phone and retreat to his room, where he could hear Walters yelling along with the sounds of banging and objects being thrown around inside the residence, the report says.

The female victim’s account mirrored the male victim’s story. She also reported a hole was punched in her bedroom door and her laptop computer was broken. Damage was estimated at $39 for the door and $129 for the laptop.

Walters denied striking the male victim in the face and said the door and laptop were already damaged. The deputy observed that Walters’ right knuckle was bleeding. The male victim’s facial hair prevented the deputy from observing any injuries.

Walters was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he’s being held on $6,000 bond. He’s due to appear in Marion County Court on April 16.