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Florida fishing apparel company opens new Ocala store

A Florida-based fishing apparel company with several other locations across the state has just opened a new store in Ocala.

Florida Fishin’ Apparel is now open for business at the Paddock Mall. The business celebrated its grand opening earlier this month at the mall, which is located at 3100 SW College Road.

Florida Fishin' Apparel is now open at Paddock Mall
Florida Fishin’ Apparel is now open at the Paddock Mall. (Photo: Florida Fishin’ Apparel)

“We are officially open at the Paddock Mall! Those of you who know, know what a week it has been” reads a statement posted by the company to its social channels.

The location is offering 20% off a purchase provided the customer can show that they shared their announcement post on Facebook:

Florida Fishin' Apparel at Ocala
Florida Fishin’ Apparel is offering a discount with a share. (Photo: Facebook)

The business sells a variety of men’s, women’s, and children’s tees, shirts, sandals, shorts, and hats, among other items.

The apparel featured in each store is from brands that are based in Florida, according to the company. That includes Sea Dog, an apparel company founded by Bill Sparks in Sarasota, and Get Reel, a St. Petersburg-based apparel company.

Merchandise at Florida Fishin' Apparel in Paddock Mall
Florida Fishin’ Apparel sells Florida-based brands from its stores, including the new location in Ocala. (Photo: Florida Fishin’ Apparel)

In addition to its location in Ocala, Florida Fishin’ Apparel operates stores in Vero Beach, Tampa, and Ellenton, as well as an online store.

“We sell Fishing Apparel Brands that are born out of Florida. Each brand is unique in their design and cater to inshore and offshore fishing,” reads a statement from the company’s Instagram.

With its addition, Florida Fishin’ Apparel becomes one of several new apparel stores that have opened at the Paddock Mall in the last few months, including Windsor and Torrid, which both sell women’s clothing.

For more information on the business, or its inventory, visit the Paddock Mall, visit Florida Fishin’ Apparel online, or follow the group on Facebook or Instagram.

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