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Friday, April 19, 2024

Two new Ocala developments with 88 homes, 96 apartment units seeking approval

Ordinances establishing two new planned developments in northwest and southwest Ocala that would add 88 single-family homes and 96 apartment units to the city will be presented to council members on Tuesday.

The first readings for ordinances 2024-28 and 2024-29 will take place during the next meeting of the Ocala City Council on Tuesday, April 2, at 4 p.m. at Ocala City Hall (110 SE Watula Avenue).

Both ordinances call for rezoning and approval of two separate developments: Pine Oaks Preserve, which would be located in the 1100 block of NW 14th Street, and Fox View Apartments, which would be situated at the northeast and southeast corners of SW 60th Avenue and SW 43rd Street Road.

Plans for Pine Oaks Preserve call for the development of 88 single-family dwelling units with a density of “5.3 units per acre” on the 16.58-acre property, according to city records.

One of the 88 single family dwelling units in new planned development in Ocala
A rendering of a home in the Pine Oaks Preserve, a planned development seeking approval from the Ocala City Council. (Photo: Mastroserio Engineering, Inc.)

Proposed amenities include a neighborhood playground, pedestrian pathway connecting to the William James Walking Trail, and a sidewalk connection along the length of NW 14th Street.

Originally part of a plat recorded in 1982, the property has remained vacant and undeveloped while only changing ownership twice over the past 50 years.

The property was purchased by Smart Fill Investments, LLC, in 2022. That group has been working with city staff on development plans and standards for the site, which have gone through multiple rounds of review to date.

Across the city, the Fox View Apartments are technically the second phase of the Hunt Club at Fox Point, which received approval and was developed over two decades ago.

Aerial shot of Fox View Apartments next to Hunt Club at Fox Point
Aerial shot of Fox View Apartments next to Hunt Club at Fox Point. (Photo: City of Ocala)

Originally slated to include more apartments, additional limitations were placed on the planned apartment complex over the years. Those limitations reduced the maximum number of units to 96, with a density of 9.6 units per acre.

Multi family apartment building at 96 unit planned development in Ocala

The maximum height of the 10.02-acre development would be 50 feet, according to city records.

If approved, that development would feature Florida-friendly plant species within buffers and open space, pedestrian walking trails, and landscaped entrances. According to city records, the developer would have to perform a traffic study before commencing development to ensure compliance with city code.

The two new developments join a new 4-home community in Ocala’s Historic District that will also come before the council for discussion during Tuesday’s meeting.