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Monday, June 24, 2024

Ocala’s horse farms are being swallowed up by concrete

To the Editor:

Ocala is losing its identity. The number one reason it brought me here was the horse farms, the country feel, and beautiful country roads to drive down on a Sunday afternoon. And as they fade into nothingness, several two story homes, apartment/townhouses pop up overnight. It seems little thought was given to the infrastructure issues, crowded roads, uncontrolled speeders. Our medical crews, fire departments, and all those who work hard to keep us safe everyday are understaffed. This no longer is the town I was thrilled to be a part of. On Top of the World is no longer the beautiful, amazing place we want to retire in. The Colen’s, many years ago, had a beautiful dream to blend nature, beauty, activities and learning classes to 55+ adults but as time progressed, the elder Colen dream is now being flushed out by greed and the dream is left behind in a cloud of construction dirt.

Dana Simon