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Joan Ann Taylor-Adragna

Joan Ann Taylor-Adragna
Joan Ann Taylor-Adragna

Joan Ann Taylor-Adragna, passed away peacefully in the presence of family, in Lady Lake, Florida, at the age of 86. Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, on April 14, 1937.

Joan lived a full, social life, caring deeply for those around her. She was sparked with a love of travel, home design, and entertaining family and friends. Joan’s energy was infectious, and she often expressed euphemisms and engaging stories that made people smile.

Her zest for life brought her to many countries, often with her children, where she was always eager to try new foods and embrace different cultures. From tai chi in China to dancing in Germany, she was a beloved companion. A social butterfly, Joan relished the times spent with friends over game nights, where laughter and camaraderie were abundant. Her knack for storytelling and her bubbly demeanor ensured that these gatherings were always memorable occasions.

Joan was also a gifted decorator, a hobby through which she expressed her creativity and impeccable taste. She took great pleasure in shopping, not just for the joy of finding the perfect Item, but for the experiences and interactions that came with each outing. Often her shopping was focused on members of her family, who she cared for endlessly.

Above all, Joan was a devoted and loving family woman. She was a pillar of strength and the heart of her family, deeply cherished by her husband, Vito Adragna, with whom she shared a beautiful and enduring love. Former schoolmates, they met late in life to enjoy precious memories and laugh together in companionship. His dedication was unwavering, steadfast and loyal until the very end. Joan’s children, who she brought into this world through her 42-year marriage to Robert H. Taylor, were the pride of her life. She will carry on in the spirits of each of them: Bob Taylor, Allison J. Taylor, Tim Altanero and his husband David Niegsch. She instilled in them the values of empathy, compassion, and resilience.