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Habitual trespasser puts up fight while being arrested

A habitual trespasser with two dozen prior arrests is back in the Marion County Jail after struggling with deputies who found him sitting on a concrete wall at an address he was previously trespassed from.

Ocala man jailed until April 27 on battery, resisting arrest charges

A 23-year-old Ocala man put up a fight as he was being arrested for allegedly beating up a man and causing damage inside a residence.

Ocala man tased during arrest for brandishing knife

An Ocala man had to be tased while being arrested recently for allegedly brandishing a knife at a man who wanted him to leave his residence.

Shirtless Ocala man resists arrest after drinking moonshine

A shirtless Ocala man who reportedly had been drinking “moonshine” for several hours was charged Saturday night with using a firearm while under the influence of alcohol, resisting an officer without violence, assault with intent to commit a felony and disturbing the peace.

Ocala man tased after putting up a fight during domestic battery...

An Ocala man with a long rap sheet promised to cause trouble for the victim as he was being taken to jail for allegedly battering a woman and fighting the Marion County sheriff’s deputy who arrested him.

Fort McCoy woman charged with abandoning kids and fighting deputy

A 23-year-old Fort McCoy woman is in jail after she allegedly abandoned her two young children after a fight with their father and kicked the Marion County sheriff’s deputy who was arresting her.

Silver Springs man accused of exposing himself to kids at mobile...

A 35-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly exposed himself in front of neighbors, including children, at the Lindale Mobile Home Park in Silver Springs.

Vase-throwing woman spits in deputies’ faces while being read her rights

An Ocala woman spit in Marion County sheriff’s deputies’ faces while they were reading her the Miranda warning during her arrest on battery and criminal mischief charges on Wednesday.

Man tased three times while being arrested for providing false name...

An Ocala man who was stopped for minor traffic violations provided a false name and then had to be tased three times after trying to run away when his real identity was revealed.

Sheriff’s deputy forced to tase berserk Ocala man during arrest on...

A screaming Ocala man who was advancing toward a bleeding woman was arrested last week after being tased by a sheriff’s deputy.