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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Whisper Woods bringing 82-unit development to southeast Ocala

Whisper Woods recently joined the long list of communities in the early stages of development across Marion County.

During the Marion County Board of County Commissioners’ regular meeting on October 19, the owners of the southeast Ocala development received approval for a rezoning request, clearing the way for the proposed 82 units.

Whisper Woods conceptual design
Whisper Woods conceptual design

The property is located east of Pine Road and south of Bahia Road, approximately half a mile northeast of SE Maricamp Rd.

The applicant, Armstrong Land, LLC, rezoned the property from single family dwelling (R-1) to planned unit development (PUD) with the intention to create an attached, single-family, residential development with 82 units on just over 10 acres.

According to county records, the property, which was previously rezoned from community business (B-2), will now consist of single-family, attached, dwelling townhomes that consist of six or eight units per building. As a result, it is classified as multi-family residential housing, according to county records.

Whisper Woods planned 82-unit development in Ocala
Whisper Woods planned 82-unit development in southeast Ocala

In addition to the 80+ units, the community will include an amenity center with a maximum height of 50 feet, handicapped parking, and a pool. According to the county’s traffic division, the project is expected to generate fewer than 50 peak hour trips, so a traffic analysis is not required.

The developers will be required to install sidewalks on both sides of Pine Road and Bahia Road to connect with existing sidewalks, according to county records.

The project is one of many that the Marion County Board of County Commissioners and Ocala City Council have approved in recent months, including multiple residential, multi-family projects in downtown Ocala, Belleview, and southwest portions of Ocala.

This summer, Lamplighter Legacy Apartments, Brick City Lofts, and Pointe Grande Apartments received approval for plans to develop hundreds of residential units in Ocala.

Across the county, construction of hundreds of home and townhome units is on the horizon after multiple projects were given the green light in recent months by county officials. That includes the developers of West Shire Villages and the 280-unit Ocala South Townhomes, among others.

In addition to Ocala, Belleview, Dunnellon, and other parts of Marion County will see the development of hundreds more homes that will impact city and county growth, including local populations, governments, and the scope of municipal services (i.e., utilities, infrastructure maintenance, etc.).

The Marion County Board of County Commissioners meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 9 a.m. at the McPherson Governmental Complex, located at 601 SE 25th Avenue.