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Monday, December 11, 2023

More readers respond to complaints about rising utility costs

In response to recent letters that were submitted to Ocala-News.com regarding the rising cost of electric bills in Ocala/Marion County, more readers wrote in to share their thoughts on this topic.

“I agree, the utility bill is bordering on being criminal. I lived in several states up north, as well as other southern states, and none of them were as high as the electric bill is in Ocala,” says Ocala resident Dannie Cooper.

“We, too, are experiencing unbelievable utility bills from the city. We are actively looking to move out of the city. We’ve installed an awning over the back of the house to help keep the sun from increasing heat in the home, installed a radiant barrier in attic, installed a new HVAC unit, put in new windows, keep the thermostat at 76 to 78, and still it makes no difference on the high utility bill. I don’t know who oversees the rates at Ocala, but it appears to be time for a class action suit. It’s sad when retired or low income people have to relocate due to utility bills. We need accountability as to why the unprecedented increase,” says Linda Clifford, Ocala resident.

“I’ve been at this address for eight years. The bill has gone from $160 to $340 a month. Ocala Electric doesn’t care about seniors or those with fixed incomes. Other companies have programs that help those that need it. It doesn’t do any good to go to council meetings, you’re just pushed to the side. All you hear is that it’s the increase in heat – a poor reason.
What about the times it’s not hot and the bill doesn’t change?” says Silver Springs resident Linda Shown.

“I’ve lived in northeast Ocala, full-time, since 2005. My electric bills have maintained around $180 to $220 monthly. I have my AC set on 82, and around 75 in the winter. I can’t complain about my bill,” says Sheila Hunt, Ocala resident.

“I can’t understand why my electric bill is so high. I’ve got 30 solar panels on my roof and my electric bill last month was $200. And this month it was $229. I have done everything that I can to try and lower my bill. My AC is at 78 degrees. I’ve got LED lights every place and I turn off lights were not in the room. Duke Energy is such a rip-off to its customers. They should be ashamed of themselves. I talk to the neighbor down the street and his bill was $500 last month. I guess we must be paying for all those solar panel fields instead of Duke Energy paying for them upfront,” says Weirsdale resident Scott Bechen.