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Friday, April 19, 2024

Dangerous walk for students in Marion Oaks

To the Editor:

I’m new in the area. When I found out how dangerous the walk is for my grandchildren to Sunrise Elementary, I addressed my concerns to the bus compound supervisor to try and get a hub bus for them. Because we are 1.87 miles away from the school, they can’t ride the bus, and I was told that they don’t qualify for a hub stop because of the lack of routes and bus drivers. But, if they sent someone out here to really take a look at this route, I think something could be done.

At the corner of Marion Oaks Drive and Marion Oaks Manor are 4-way stops that are ran by speeding drivers every morning during the time frame that we are crossing that road to get to the sidewalk on the other side. There’s no crossing guard there, and it’s probably because it’s a great distance from the school. I just wanted to express my concerns because I’m so afraid that one day we will be struck by a car at the stop while trying to cross the road.

Margie Farrington
Ocala resident