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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

High-speed chase in Marion County ends with rollover crash in wooded lot

A 27-year-old Ocklawaha man with a suspended driver’s license is facing several charges after he allegedly led a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy on a high-speed chase that ended with a rollover crash.

On Friday, February 9, an MCSO deputy observed a blue vehicle that was traveling approximately 30 miles per hour over the posted speed limit on SE Highway 464C in Ocklawaha. Shortly after the deputy began catching up to the vehicle to conduct a traffic stop, the vehicle crashed into a street sign at the intersection of SE Highway 464C and SE 95th Street Road, according to the arrest report.

The vehicle then continued to drive “erratically” off the roadway, and the deputy activated the patrol car’s emergency lights and sirens in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop. The report stated that the driver of the vehicle, later identified as James Taylor Greer, accelerated and fled eastbound on SE 95th Street Road at a high rate of speed.

James Taylor Greer
James Taylor Greer, 27, of Ocklawaha

The deputy noted that Greer drove at high speeds in a “reckless manner,” swerving within the lane as he approached another vehicle traveling in the same direction. According to the report, Greer then swerved toward the shoulder of the roadway in an attempt to pass another motorist. Moments later, he lost control of the vehicle and crashed near a wooded lot.

When the deputy arrived at the scene of the crash, the vehicle was observed “upside down,” and Greer was attempting to run away into the wooded area. The deputy stated in the report that verbal commands were issued to Greer, and he laid down on the ground and was quickly detained in handcuffs.

Greer admitted to the deputy that he did not have a valid license. He also claimed that he was unaware that the deputy had attempted to stop him on the roadway, according to the report.

A pat-down search of Greer was conducted, and a clear plastic baggie was located in his right pocket. A white crystal-like substance was found inside the baggie, and the deputy noted that it later field-tested positive for methamphetamine.

After being read his Miranda rights, Greer admitted to seeing the deputy’s patrol car on SE Highway 464C. He further admitted that he fled after his vehicle struck the street sign, according to the report.

Greer also stated during the post-Miranda interview that he had recently smoked meth. According to the report, Greer further advised that the substance in the clear plastic baggie was “ice,” a street term used when referring to crystal meth.

A computer search of Greer’s driver’s license confirmed that it was suspended in January of 2022.

Greer was placed under arrest and transported to a local hospital for a medical evaluation. Once he was medically cleared, he was transported to Marion County Jail, where he is currently being held on $7,650 bond. He is being charged with fleeing to elude a law enforcement officer, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, and driving with a suspended license.

A court date has been scheduled at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, March 12, according to jail records.