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Monday, April 15, 2024

Traffic congestion and poor road conditions in Marion County

To the Editor:

I understand progress in the 484 corridor. I understand all the people going to work. I understand the only way to get large amounts of dirt, rocks, and products to job sites is with trucks, be it flatbed, dump, or any other. What I do not understand is why the county has not kept up with the traffic flow and the large, deep potholes!

It’s wrong, and dare I say “backwoods,” to make all of the drivers have to wait 35 minutes to reach I-75 while hitting deep potholes and weaving in an ever-changing obstacle course of cones! To be stuck in the far berm while still on I-75, just to get off onto 484, is heart-stopping! All trucks going 80 mph have to try not to hit you because you are technically still on I-75.

Progress is fine, but the roads and traffic are not! If our tax money helps support progress, the county needs to rethink the cluster junk of traffic.

Taryn Lang
Ocala resident