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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Frederick John Roser

Beloved husband, father, grandfather, and dedicated professional, passed away at his home in Ocala, Florida surrounded by praying family members keeping vigil. His death was witnessed by those he loved on Friday, April 5, 2024, at 10:10 p.m. although Hospice certified his official death date and time as Saturday, April 6, 2024, 12:04 a.m.

His memory will forever be cherished by those who knew and loved him.

Fred was a first born American of Brittan (London, England) and Hungarian/Vienna, Austria immigrant parents. Fred was the first-born and only son named after his father. Born on December 3, 1938 at Wadsworth Hospital in the Borough of Manhattan, New York City, New York where he was raised. His uncle, John Roser, gave him the knick-name “Chief” as a child which his Uncle John fondly gave him and called him by as he grew into adulthood.

In his younger years he lived for time away from the inner-city life of New York City and enjoyed carefree timelessness being outside in nature, swimming, hiking, and hunting snakes with his friends during the summertime in Lake Valhalla near Cold Spring New York. He was very artistic, like his father Fred, Sr., and gifted musically, a God-given talent passed down from both sides of the Roser, Eder families. As a young man he enjoyed his grandmother Grossmutti’s strudel & sauerbraten. As an adult he enjoyed watching Sunday Football and rooting on his favorite teams.

Fred lived a life of service, love, and devotion.

Fred was a proud veteran who loved his country and served honorably in the United States Navy from February 1957 to January 1960. Serving on the USS John Willis (DE-1027) Petty Officer 2nd Class Frederick (Fred) Roser assumed the ship’s sonar duties where he was one of the first navy men to work with the Navy’s, at that time experimental model, of the Variable Depth Sonar (VDS). His ship, The Willis, was the first of the destroyer escorts to employ this latest development in ASW equipment. On May 12, 1958, he and his shipmates steamed towards the Mediterranean to sail with the units of the 6th Fleet to participate in joint NATO antisubmarine exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Following his military service, he embarked on a successful career as a midline manager for IBM, retiring after 25-plus years of dedicated service. Fred was passionate about computers and software development working at IBM. His passion for IT extended into his retirement, where he generously assisted others with their computer issues.

A baptized Christian man of faith, Fred was a devout Roman Catholic who found solace and strength in daily prayer, particularly in reciting the rosary, and receiving the Holy Eucharist. He had a great devotion to both Jesus and the Blessed Virgin, Mary. Fred and his wife Marie prayed together and attended mass at Queen of Peace Catholic Church in

Ocala, FL praying for family, friends, church, and country. He lived his life guided by his religious convictions, leaving a legacy of kindness, compassion, and service to others.

In addition to his professional achievements and devotion to his faith, Fred cherished time spent with family. He adored traveling, camping, documenting experiences through photography and his home movies/videos, flying/aircraft, tinkering with all things mechanical, assisting many with automotive and computer troubleshooting, especially folks in the Ocala Palms Residential Community.

Fred is survived by his loving wife of almost sixty years: Marie M. Roser (Ocala, Florida)

2 daughters: Mrs. Lisa M. Whitaker (Lanesville, Indiana) and Ms. Michelle M. Baric (Cary, North Carolina)

Son-in-law: Mr. Craig Whitaker (IN) & former son-in-law: Mr. Robert Baric

7 grandchildren: Grandsons: Johnathan F. Whitaker (IN), John Paul Baric (TX), Michael Baric (NC), Mark Andrew Baric (NC)

Granddaughters: Maria Baric (NC), Elizabeth Baric (NC) and Catherine Baric (NC).

Known as “Uncle Freddy” he is also survived by his niece Denise Messina (FL) and her children Nicole and Michael.

Fred was preceded in death by the following both parents father Frederick John Roser, mother Maria Anna Roser.

An only sibling, younger sister Lillian (Roser) Johnston and his brother-in-law, Robert “Bob” Johnston (Marco Island, FL)

2 deceased grandchildren of the Baric family

Fred created lasting memories with his loved ones, leaving behind a treasure trove of shared experiences and laughter. His life was one of dedication, love, and integrity. He will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him, but his spirit will continue to live on in the hearts and memories of those he touched. May he rest in eternal peace.