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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Starbucks abruptly closes location at Paddock Mall

A company that runs dozens of Starbucks at malls across the country has permanently closed its location at the Paddock Mall in Ocala.

On Wednesday, Ocala-News.com confirmed that Simon Property Group officially closed the Starbucks at the Paddock Mall, which is located at 3100 SW College Road.

Although mall officials say another coffee vendor has plans to take over the space, no further details are currently available.

According to Simon Property Group (SPG), there are currently 100 Starbucks locations throughout its malls.

If the café’s closure at Paddock Mall is any indicator, at least 70 other Starbucks locations could face similar fates at SPG-owned malls across the United States in the coming weeks.

The Paddock Mall is owned and operated by Washington Prime Group, which broke off from SPG in 2014, acquiring nearly 100 assets at the time.

Paddock Mall at 3100 SW College Road in Ocala, Florida.
Paddock Mall is located at 3100 SW College Road in Ocala, Florida. (Staff photo)

In 2017, SPG filed a lawsuit against Starbucks, alleging that the company could not break over 70 leases it made with SPG for Starbucks’ short-lived Teavana stores.

After hundreds of Teavana locations closed, and just a few months after filing the lawsuit, SPG and Starbucks settled for undisclosed terms.

The closure of Starbucks at Paddock Mall follows several other shifts in the commercial landscape at the mall. Last month, the mall welcomed MINISO, a Chinese lifestyle retailer shop, to its ranks. In March, Florida Fishin’ Apparel opened a new Florida-based fishing clothing shop at the mall.

The Cuban Stop closed its location at the mall earlier this year and will soon be replaced by Popeyes, which is currently being renovated.

For locals still looking to purchase the Seattle-based company’s coffee, there are still more than a half-dozen Starbucks locations in operation around the city, including one that recently opened in east Ocala.

New Starbucks now open in east Ocala
A new Starbucks has opened at 3727 E Silver Springs Boulevard in Ocala. (Staff photo)

Most of the city’s Starbucks locations can be found along Ocala’s most popular thoroughfare, with cafés at 2000 SW College Road (Target), 2710 SW College Road, 3100 SW College Road (Paddock Mall), 4602 SW College Road, and 7819 SW College Road. In 2021, Starbucks opened a location in southeast Ocala at 3537 SE Maricamp Road.