Iraq War vet to speak on ‘Peaceful Revolution’ at CF

Author Paul K. Chappell will present a talk entitled “Peaceful Revolution: Restoring Hope in a Traumatized World,” on Thursday, June 13, at the College of Central Florida.

Chappell, who is the director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, will spend an evening talking about the foundation’s “Peace Literacy” initiative. “Peace Literacy” is built on the core premise that peace, like math and reading, requires a skill set that needs to be taught in schools. The initiative teaches skills to cope with trauma and the human condition while providing practical tools that can be applied to every aspect of life.

A West Point graduate, Iraq War veteran, and former Army Captain, Chappell has writen a seven-book series about waging peace, ending war, and the art of living.

The presentation will take place at the Charles R. Dassance Fine Arts Center.

For more information or to register for the event, click here.

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