Dead tree slams into home’s roof as storm whips through Ocala

A dead tree crashed through an Ocala home Sunday night as a storm roared through the area.

Limbs from a dead tree demolished the roof of this duplex apartment in the 2100 block of NW First Ave. late Sunday afternoon.

The incident, which involved a residence in 2100 block of NW First Ave., displaced a family of six.

Crews from Ocala Fire Rescue responded to the report of the downed tree shortly after 5 p.m. and whey they arrived, they found one of two units of a duplex apartment with a heavily damaged roof. Limbs from a dead tree had demolished the structure’s roof but there were no injuries, a report states.

Fire officials warns that despite having a hurricane season with projected average activity, inclement weather will continue to be likely through Nov. 30 when the Atlantic hurricane season comes to an end. They recommend removing debris and dead trees from yards to prevent those objects from becoming a threat during storms.