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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Before it’s too late

While it shouldn’t, it doesn’t require a college degree to identify and understand the disturbing, unrelenting and most importantly, the spreading trend in Marion County of crime. In fact, Ocala-News has been “disturbingly” accurate and right in there when it comes to bring it home!

And, where it also shouldn’t be a mystery as to approximately where in our area the perpetrators of these illegal actives reside, what folks continuously seem to be blind to the fact that, these same perpetrators are among us, regardless of where we reside, in the Marion County area. Particularly concerning, of course, is those nabbed for the likes of issues regarding DUI. As someone just posted on your site on Facebook, does it really require a loved one being injured or killed by the likes of one of these specific versions of criminals? In fact, just the other day, there was a story on your page of some “cute” 24-year-old girl who was stopped by police for a taillight infraction. Police noted the smell of marijuana emitting from the car and other drug related evidence and, she was RIGHTFULLY arrested. Additionally disturbing, in my humblest of opinions, was the mind-boggling quantity of comments who stood firm on the fact that this “little cutie” was wrongfully arrested and that she should and WILL get the charges dropped. To this end, my father, a WWII vet who flew and survived 33 missions over the skies of the Third Reich from 1943 until war’s end, died as a passenger in a car that was wiped out at the hands of a pin-head jacked up on marijuana.

So, to those who believe that driving under-the-influence of whatever substance your form of stupidity is defined by, there you have another piece of the puzzle why it is NOT acceptable! In any way, shape or form, regardless of how the masses try to legitimize it.

And, to address the problem of these so-called “sleepy hotels and areas,” I KNOW, for a fact, there’s sufficient evidence that those who too frequently inhabit these once indeed “sleepy hotels and areas” that were a pleasant part of “old Ocala” too frequently house those who would steal the lint from our pockets, to feed their wide and ever expanding drug habits.

Consequently and unfortunately, these facts are quite typical of an area that ALLOWS these flop-houses that WERE INDEED ONCE A PART OF A CITY THAT WAS THE HOME OF SOME TOURIST ATTRACTION-OR-CONTINUES TO BE PART OF ONE!

Need evidence? Been on the eastern end of International Drive in Orlando or 192 in Osceola County lately. Care to guess how much BETTER their own scenarios have gotten since they torn down the filth?

Joseph Franz


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