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Friday, December 2, 2022

Resident says Marion County needs reliable internet service

To the Editor:

This letter is to express my concern over the unfair trade and business practices that have been agreed upon by AT&T and Marion County.

I’m a new resident to Dunnellon and I’m a senior citizen. I’m unable to acquire reliable fiber optic service at my address, which is plagued by numerous dropped calls daily, and often times I’m not able to call out at all.

This situation is a liability for Marion County as I’m unable to access 911 should I have an emergency requiring immediate medical assistance.

I also run a business from my home and am unable to conduct business given the same dropped calls, inability for others to call me or hear me when connected to a call, as well as being disconnected numerous times.

We need reliable incoming and outgoing service sooner rather than later. What can be done to make this happen? I’m considering moving due to the urgency of this situation as I do not feel safe at my new home.

Wanda Zanetti
Dunnellon resident

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