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Ocala employee arrested for having sexual relationship with underage girl

A 46-year-old Ocala Recreation and Parks Department employee was arrested after he was accused of having a sexual relationship with an underage girl.

On Wednesday, an Ocala Police Department officer met with the 18-year-old female victim at the OPD lobby, and the victim was accompanied by her parents. The victim told the officer that she began seeing an adult basketball athletic trainer, identified as Roosevelt Overstreet, in August of 2021 when she was 16 years old, according to the OPD report.

OPD donation to House of Hoopz October 4 2022 Mike Balken and Kristen Dreyer
Roosevelt Overstreet (center) with Ocala Police Chief Mike Balken (right) and Councilmember Kristen Dreyer (left) after his nonprofit organization, House of Hoopz, received a $2,700 donation from the Ocala Police Department on October 4, 2022 (Photo: Ocala Police Department)

The victim stated that she attended training sessions with Overstreet at the E.D. Croskey Center located at 1510 NW 4th Street in Ocala. During one of those sessions on an unknown date, the victim stated that she was alone with Overstreet in his office when he “gave her a hug and groped her” on the outside of her clothing.

Over the course of the training sessions, the victim advised that Overstreet provided her with his business card and cellphone number, and they began talking outside of the sessions. She told the officer that she first went to Overstreet’s residence on October 21, 2021. During that visit, she had a sexual encounter with him, according to the OPD report.

The victim told the officer that she engaged in sexual activities with Overstreet approximately 10 times until a couple of days before her 18th birthday in 2022. She stated that she agreed with Overstreet to keep their relationship a secret until she turned 18 so “he did not get into trouble.”

According to the victim, the sexual encounters occurred inside Overstreet’s bedroom at his home, with an exception of one encounter on a table in his den. She described to the officer how she would drive to Overstreet’s home, either before or after their training session, and she would have to park her vehicle behind the residence before going inside.

The victim informed the officer that she had videos on her cellphone showing her and Overstreet engaging in sexual activities. She advised that Overstreet had recorded the videos and sent them to her via Snapchat.

In the OPD report, the officer noted that there were several photographs of a nude or partially nude black male with exposed genitalia. The officer also observed a video of the same man who was nude and pleasuring himself, along with two additional videos of Overstreet and the victim engaging in sexual intercourse. The videos and photographs were dated August 24, 2022, September 20, 2022, and September 28, 2022.

The victim’s mother told the officer that she had located a chat communication between Overstreet and the victim, and she had also discovered the videos on the victim’s cellphone.

During a controlled call, the victim spoke with Overstreet over the phone and advised that her mother is aware that the two of them had sexual intercourse when she was under the age of 18. Overstreet stated that he had told her to “delete everything” so her parents would not find out, and then he proceeded to tell her that she needed to “beg her parents not to report it,” according to the OPD report.

The OPD report stated that Overstreet was located and brought to the OPD Criminal Investigations Division for an interview. After being read his Miranda rights, he confirmed that he has worked as a basketball trainer since 2021. He admitted that he began to talk to the victim outside of training sessions, which included the victim coming over to his residence.

During the interview, Overstreet admitted to sending explicit videos and photographs of himself when the victim was 17 years old. He told investigators that he had informed the victim that they needed to wait until she was 18 years old to begin an intimate relationship.

Overstreet admitted to having sexual intercourse with the victim on four occasions. He further admitted to recording some of those encounters on his cellphone and later sending the videos to the victim, though he claimed that he believed she was already 18 years old at the time. He later admitted to investigators that he began to have sexual intercourse with the victim a few months after her initial visit to his home in October of 2021, according to the OPD report.

Ocala Recreation and Parks employee arrested for having sexual relationship with minor
Roosevelt Overstreet (Marion County Jail booking photo)

Overstreet was arrested and transported to Marion County Jail where he is currently being held on $180,000 bond. He is facing felony charges for unlawful sexual activity with a minor (four counts), manufacturing child pornography (two counts), distributing child pornography (two counts), transmission of harmful material to a minor (three counts), and unlawful use of a two-way communications device (five counts).

A court date has been scheduled at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, March 7, according to jail records.