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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Do not allow pets in stores and restaurants

To the Editor:

People go online and order a vest that says “emotional support animal” or other things. That is not a legitimate ADA support animal. I do not want to see dogs, cats, birds, or other critters in places where I buy food, clothing, household items, medicine, or other similar stores. PetSmart, Tractor Supply, stores that sell pets, okay. But nowhere else.

Dogs do carry disease regardless of what their owners may think. Look it up online if you do not believe it. It is one thing if a person is blind or has some other ADA certified legitimate disability, but no exceptions.

Anyone caught with their pets in the stores and restaurants should face some legal consequences. My wife and I were in a Walmart in Ocala not too long ago and a customer came around an aisle corner, and their little dog stopped and pooped on the floor. The customer looked around to see if anyone saw this happen and looked as if they were just going to leave it there, but two to four other customers saw what had happened. Another customer came around the corner and pushed their shopping cart right through the mess on the floor.

Others put their dogs in the shopping cart and in the child (human child) seat. This is just plain nasty and inconsiderate to everyone else. Leave your pets at home. I personally like dogs and cats, etc., but I do not like them in these places. If you cannot stand to be separated from your pet for half an hour to an hour or so, use one of the many home delivery services available for delivering your purchases directly to your door.

J. David Griffin, Jr.
Dunnellon resident