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Sunday, December 10, 2023

New 7-Eleven adds to growing number of locations in Ocala

A 7-Eleven in the works for more than two years just opened for business in southwest Ocala, marking at least the fifth new location for the national convenience store chain within the city.

The 7-Eleven at 2655 SW 42nd Street in the Grand Oaks Town Center is now open for business.

7 Eleven at 2655 SW 42nd Street
7 Eleven at 2655 SW 42nd Street

Earlier this year, the location was approved for the sale of beer and wine for off-premises consumption. The business had previously received approval in August 2021 before it expired in May 2022.

As most of its sister convenience stores within the chain, the new 7-Eleven also features Laredo Taco, which is a quick-service restaurant that specializes in Mexican food.

The new 7-Eleven is one of at least five locations that have either opened recently in Ocala or are in the process of opening.

Dating back to the beginning of last year, the convenience store chain has opened locations at 5670 SW College Road, 2811 NW 10th Street, and 917 N Pine Avenue.

Another location is currently under construction at 2590 SE Maricamp Road.

7 Eleven at 2590 SE Maricamp Road in Ocala
7-Eleven at 2590 SE Maricamp Road in Ocala