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VIDEO: Ocala student gets full scholarship to Ivy League school

An Ocala high school senior has received a full scholarship to attend one of the most prestigious colleges in the nation.

Esperance Han will attend Yale University next year. Han, who maintains a 4.88 weighted grade point average, is ranked second in her class at North Marion High School.

In a video shared with Ocala-News.com, Han shared the moment she found out that she matched with the university.

Han received a full scholarship through QuestBridge, which is a program that helps high-achieving students in low-income households by providing direct access to dozens of top-level universities, including a few in the Ivy League.

“[QuestBridge] chose 72 Yalies from a pool of around 6,683 students. Through QuestBridge, I was able to receive a full ride to Yale University,” said Han in an email to Ocala-News.com. “I never believed any of this was possible.”

Han says she shared her family’s financial struggles with friends, teachers, and counselors, and was “shocked” at how everyone in her life offered to help.

Esperance Han (1)
Esperance Han will attend Yale University next year

“My friends are the ones who made sure I was able to attend my activism events in Ocala by driving me, my counselors are the ones who held my hand and instilled in me that my dreams were tangible, and my teachers are the ones who motivated me and encouraged me through every tear and challenge,” said Han.

A varsity cheerleader and the president of several clubs and organizations at her high school, Han says she wanted to share her story to help other students believe in themselves.

“I was always doubting myself and never felt good enough or as accomplished as other students in QuestBridge. Never let anything stop you, just do what you love, and do it well. Anything is possible,” said Han.

Esperance Han

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