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Biggby Coffee opens new location in Ocala

A new coffee shop in Ocala celebrated its grand opening this week.

Biggby Coffee officially opened its doors at 9750 SW 62nd Avenue Road, Suite 600, on Tuesday. The new business is located within the Market at Cherrywood in southwest Ocala.

Long lines at Biggby Coffee
Customers line up at Biggby Coffee during its grand opening on Tuesday, March 5. (Photo: Biggby Coffee)

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the massive turnout on our opening day,” reads a statement posted by the company through social media.

Founded in 1995 in East Lansing, Michigan, all of the 350 Biggby Coffee locations across the country are owned and operated locally. The Ocala location is owned by Xavier Marquez and Elijah Schoonard, who previously worked for Biggby.

The business is hoping to become the “go-to coffee shop in the community” and a place where “people want to work,” according to a statement from their public relations representative.

On Tuesday, the shop enjoyed long lines of customers eager to try the product offering, which includes brewed coffee (hot or iced), cold brews, cappuccinos, Americanos, iced tea, hot chocolate, and lemonade.

A customer completes her purchase at the new Biggby Coffee in Ocala (Photo Biggby Coffee)
A customer completes her purchase at the new Biggby Coffee in Ocala. (Photo: Biggby Coffee)

The cafe is also known for a large selection of custom lattes including including the Avalanche (chocolate, white chocolate, and mint), the Mellow Mochanut (marshmallow, chocolate, and coconut), and the Neapolitan (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry), among others.

Biggby Coffee working on first location in Ocala
A sweet foam cold brew (Photo: Biggby Coffee)

In addition to drinks, Biggby Coffee will also feature grab-and-go food items like bagels, muffins, sandwiches, donut holes, and cookies.