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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Two Marion government websites not working

UPDATE: As of Saturday, April 6, both websites are currently operational.

Two Marion County government websites have been down for several hours on Friday.

The websites for Marion County Property Appraiser Jimmy H. Cowan, Jr. and Marion County Clerk of Courts Gregory C. Harrell have been down since early Friday.

Attempts to reach each website are met with errors indicating “This site can’t be reached.”

Marion county website down since early Friday
The Marion County Property Appraiser’s website has been down since early Friday. (Photo: Google Chrome)

A search on “Is It Down Right Now,” a website that monitors the status of websites, shows that both websites are currently “down for everyone.”

The websites were down as early as noon, according to readers and staff of Ocala-News.com.

According to the county, the property appraiser and tax collector websites are managed by the entities themselves and not by the county.