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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

New residents, development in southwest Ocala are welcome

To the Editor:

As an almost 23-year resident of On Top of the World, I do not believe developers are necessarily greedy, but they are businesses after all. Our developer, in particular, is not building apartments but is rather selling property to others desiring to build apartments, I see this as his right and will be determined by whether they are successful with the rezoning requested, for which there is a process. I do not feel threatened, as some seem to be, by the apartments. People have talked about children riding bikes & skateboards into OTOWs front gates, they are fearful of burglars & undesirable folks entering and I fail to see why the apartments should trigger such fears. Will it add traffic in the area? Probably, but these are things that can be dealt with. I am so glad the doors to Ocala/OTOW were not closed to us when we came here in 2001 and I am happy to welcome new folks to our end of town.

Margaret Veres