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Marie Connell Keeney

Marie Keeney was devoted to early childhood education, and was instrumental in the development of the kindergarten program in Marion County schools, among many other accomplishments, including becoming Director of Elementary Education for Marion County.

Afghanistan veteran, North Marion High School teacher shares thoughts on U.S. withdrawl

"As a 24 year old going into Afghanistan in 2004, I didn’t know what to expect except the worst. Instead, I spent a year helping to secure the voting sites for the first democratic election ever. I built long lasting relationships with my brothers and sisters in arms, and learned about the Afghani culture....There was no transition, no hand off, and not even a chance that Afghanistan would make it on its own. All of those people that we helped are now in danger and their lives will be forever changed. Women will be persecuted and anyone that helped the United States will be in grave danger" - Scott Snyder, a Marion County school teacher and veteran of Afghanistan, shares his opinions in this letter.

Jeffery Lynn Vaughn

Jeffery Vaughn had a wealth of knowledge and worked as a handyman.

More Ocala-area residents write in asking for closer grocery options

“I live in Foxwood Farms and since Winn Dixie went out of business here, we only have Publix. We need another supermarket so we have choices and a variety. What about an Aldi’s or Harvey’s, or Save a Lot” Ocala resident Sharon Lis shares her opinion along with others who would like to see grocery stores closer to their homes. Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.

Ocala City Council president cites need for ‘public discussion’ before surprise motion to terminate City Manager

Ocala City Council President Justin Grabelle said the city could not be "run on rumor" and favored a “discussion in public” about the termination of the former Ocala Fire Rescue chief. Grabelle made a motion to terminate Ocala City Manager Sandra Wilson shortly after multiple residents in attendance at the meeting cited only hearing about the possible termination through "hearsay" from Mayor Kent Guinn in a local newsletter. Do you believe Ocala residents should have been notified in advance of the possible termination of Ocala City Manager?

Resident letters, comments show overwhelming support for Trader Joe’s

Ocala-News.com has received dozens of letters and hundreds of comments in reference to a recent letter to the editor that suggested Ocala could use a Trader Joe’s grocery store. If you would like to send a message to Trader Joe’s in hopes that their corporate offices might consider building a new store in Ocala, click below and submit a "Request a Trader Joe’s in Ocala."

The scandalous life and death of President Harding

Warren G. Harding was the 29th president of the United States and has been voted America’s worst president ever in many polls including one...

‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ sets new high for thriller franchise

It starts with agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) receiving his instructions via the usual tape recorder.  Right on cue, his assignment is proposed, followed...

Sumter County deputies deserve high praise for handling of standoff at home in The Villages

A tragic situation unfolded in The Villages last week that saw a restaurant manager get robbed at gunpoint and fear he’d never see his...