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Friday, January 27, 2023

Marion Cultural Alliance welcomes 20/20 Horse Fever herd to Ocala

Fifteen life-size horses have arrived in Ocala as part of the Horse Fever public art project.

The horses were unloaded at into a large air conditioned warehouse at Transformco, located at 655 S.W. 52nd Ave. On Thursday, Dec. 17, from 10-11 a.m., those who were selected through a competitive call to artists will meet the patrons who selected their designs for their horse. Artists will then load their horses and transport them to studios throughout the county, where they will begin the creative process.

The horse statues in the 20/20 Horse Fever herd await their artists at Transformco in Ocala.

Horses are to be completed by Feb. 1 and will be on public display in the spring before they are installed at the location of the patron’s choice.

Laurie Zink, Horse Fever 20/20 co-chair, was involved with each of the three prior herds.

“HF 20/20 is a celebration of the beauty, the value and the extraordinary resilience of the arts in our community,” she said. “Public art has the unique power to animate our spaces, to build stronger communities and to make our dreams and aspirations visible for the world to see. This new herd is a phenomenal way to celebrate MCA’s 20th anniversary, as well as add new public art to our community.”

Workers at Transformco unload the 15 horse statues that make up the 20/20 Horse Fever herd.

HF 20/20 is sponsored by the Marion Cultural Alliance and Florida Thoroughbred Breeders’ and Owners’ Association. Funds raised through HF 20/20 will benefit the continued operation and ability of Marion Cultural Alliance to fund grants, support local art organizations and to ensure the continued growth of its endowment.