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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Residents discuss traffic congestion, dangerous drivers on SR 200

Several Marion County residents submitted letters to voice their thoughts on traffic congestion in Ocala/Marion County, specifically on State Road 200.

I totally agree with Mr. Larensen when it comes to illegal lane changes and how people impede the traffic flow. I’m from Kansas and it happens there as well. I’m thinking it’s a combination of two things: either people don’t know the laws of the road or they just don’t care. In my opinion, it’s mostly that they don’t care and just drive how they want to drive because they know that these laws won’t be enforced. I’ve even seen the police do the same thing, so why would they enforce the law if they know that they are doing it? People see this and think, “If they are doing it, so can I. It must be okay.” Wrong. Illegal lane changes create crashes, or near crashes, because I have been in several instances where I almost got hit because someone drove into my lane as I was turning left into the left lane and the other vehicle was turning right, going clear across traffic to get into the left lane. That is an illegal lane change and something needs to be done about it. Period,” says Ocala resident Randy Flowers.

“I live off SR 200, past 484, and have lived here since 1993. The continuous growth in Ocala is leading this city to become the next Tampa and Orlando. Driving into Ocala on SR 200 is congested and has back-to-back traffic. With the upcoming addition of large apartment complexes and other communities, Ocala is no longer a quiet and peaceful place to live,” says Joni Jordan, Dunnellon resident.

“I so agree that the traffic on SR 200 is a nightmare. I have sat at light after light for 15 minutes when they are screwed up. The departments here need to know how to time the lights correctly. I’m from the Midwest where they don’t have this problem. People here run the lights, tailgate, run in and out of traffic, sit at lights when they turn green only to have to wait again, etc. SR 200 is a hazard. This city has grown, but not for the better. It needs to concentrate on the changes that need to be made. Highway 27 is just as bad. I sat in traffic yesterday for 30 minutes, starting at Rural King towards I-75. This area needs to be taken care of as well. They have roundabouts in troubled areas, and whether you hate them or not, they have helped. It takes care of long lines at lights. I know people have been killed on SR 200 due to crazy driving. The departments need to assess these places and see what can be changed. Stop having the lights so long. This is ridiculous. This city is a huge mess and can’t keep up with what’s going on,” says Ocala resident Regina Pickett.

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