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Friday, January 27, 2023

Ocala woman jailed after threatening man with loaded firearm

A 55-year-old Ocala woman was arrested after she admitted to threatening a man with a loaded handgun during an argument.

On Thursday, two Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a residence on SE 131st Lane in Belleview in reference to an altercation involving a firearm. Upon arrival, the deputies detained the female suspect, identified as Colleen Lenel Campbell, and she was placed inside a patrol vehicle, according to the MCSO report.

Colleen Lenel Campbell
Colleen Lenel Campbell

One of the deputies made contact with a female eyewitness who advised that she woke up when Campbell began banging on her bedroom window. The eyewitness advised that Campbell was yelling and demanding that her car charger be returned to her.

The eyewitness stated that the disturbance caused the male victim to walk outside to confront Campbell, and the eyewitness joined him in the backyard. Campbell proceeded to yell at the eyewitness and victim, and the victim threatened to cut the power off to Campbell’s RV, which was parked in the backyard.

During the argument, Campbell told the victim and eyewitness that she was retrieving her handgun. The victim then returned to the residence, grabbed his own firearm for protection, and the victim returned to the backyard with the firearm by his side, according to the eyewitness.

When the victim requested that Campbell put her handgun away, Campbell proceeded to point it at the victim, and the victim and eyewitness retreated inside the residence where they waited for law enforcement to arrive, according to the MCSO report.

The deputy made contact with the victim who advised that he was playing video games when he heard Campbell banging on the bedroom window. The victim advised that he exited the residence and placed Campbell’s car charger on her RV’s steps.

According to the victim, an argument with Campbell ensued, and he threatened to cut off the power to her RV. The victim stated that Campbell responded by threatening to “beat his (expletive)” and “shoot him.” The victim advised that he returned to the residence to retrieve his firearm for self-defense.

The victim told the deputy that he concealed the firearm in his waistband and advised that he never pointed it at Campbell during the incident.

The deputy made contact with Campbell. After being read her Miranda rights, she admitted that she had armed herself during the argument with the victim and eyewitness. She told the deputy that she pointed the firearm in the victim’s direction because she was afraid the victim was going to damage her vehicle.

Campbell confirmed that the victim did not threaten her with a firearm, and she added that she did not see a firearm in the victim’s possession during the incident.

The MCSO report stated that Campbell gave her consent for the deputy to retrieve the handgun that she had held during the incident. The deputy noted in the report that the firearm’s magazine was loaded, and a round was inside the chamber.

Campbell was arrested and transported to Marion County Jail where she is currently being held on $2,000 bond. She is facing a felony charge for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

A court date has not been scheduled yet, according to jail records.