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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Ocala church visits 44 schools to pray for students in lieu of Sunday service

An Ocala church spent its Sunday service visiting dozens of schools across Marion County in an effort to pray for students, schools, teachers, and administrators as they begin the school year.

On Sunday, August 6, in lieu of their normally scheduled service, members of the Church of Hope hosted a Gather, Go, and Give (3G) prayer event and visited 43 schools across the county.

Church of Hope members pray over Marion County School District
Church of Hope members pray over Marion County School District on Sunday, August 6

In the days after the event, the church has issued a Prayer Walk Guide to encourage community members to continually focus their prayers on the various elements of the school system.

“Today, pray for our Principals, Vice Principals, Administrators, Faculty, Teachers, Nurses, Safety Officers, Bus Drivers, School Board Members, and Superintendent as they are preparing to welcome students back on campus this week,” reads a statement posted to social media by the church.

Led by pastor Mark Cummins, the church, which is located at 3223 SE Maricamp Road, was founded nearly 15 years ago. The church operated out of West Port High School for its first couple years before moving to Maricamp Square Plaza in 2010.

For more information on the church, it services, or its community initiatives, visit the Church of Hope website.