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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Marion paramedic has license revoked after falsifying reports

A Marion County Fire Rescue paramedic who allegedly falsified dozens of incident reports over a two-year span has had his license revoked.

Roberto Garcia, of Ocala, had his license revoked by the Florida Department of Health Board of Medicine on November 8, according to state records.

Garcia, whose paramedic’s license was issued in 2001, had been working for the Marion County Fire Rescue in November 2019 when the department says he began falsifying records.

According to a complaint filed by the department’s bureau of emergency medical services in January 2022, Garcia “falsified approximately forty-six incident reports” between November 17, 2019 and June 21, 2021.”

Garcia allegedly fabricated 4-lead electrocardiogram “ECG readings” and end-tidal CO2 readings across several documents. Garcia then allegedly documented the “fabricated readings in the incident reports.”

The department says that the falsification of records constitutes “misleading deceptive, and/or fraudulent representations” as a paramedic.

For more information on this or other disciplinary or administrative actions taken against medical professionals in the state, visit the Florida Department of Health Discipline & Administrative Actions webpage.