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Friday, January 27, 2023

Silver Springs man bloodies driver with pool cue for ‘carelessly driving down his road’

A Silver Springs man was charged with aggravated battery after he hit a victim in the head with a pool cue for driving recklessly in his neighborhood.

The victim reported 62-year-old Dana Reid hit him in the head with what he believed was a metal baseball bat. The victim stated he arrived at the incident location to pick up his friend and run to a nearby store for a drink. He stated when he was about to leave, he heard someone yell something but continued to drive.

Dana Eric Reid
Dana Eric Reid

The victim stated he came back from the store and pulled into the driveway where he met his friend’s father, who asked him not to drive down the road anymore because people were complaining about his driving. The victim stated while he was still sitting in the driver’s seat, Reid came and hit him on the top of his head with a bat. The victim said he lost consciousness and woke up to his friend yelling at him to leave, according to the sheriff’s report.

The victim said he then drove away and called law enforcement. A Marion County Sheriff’s deputy said he noticed a swollen knot on the top of the victim’s head and dried blood on his lips, according to the report. The victim claimed he was not able to provide a written statement because of his blurred vision.

The juvenile witness said he observed Reid approach the victim and hit him with a baseball bat. The juvenile stated his father began to push Reid away from the vehicle. Another witness claimed he heard yelling and began pushing Reid back away from the vehicle but did not see Reid hit the victim in the head, the report stated.

The deputy located Reid at his home and Reid was found standing outside waiting. Reid stated he “grew tired of the numerous incidents involving the victim carelessly driving down his road.”

Reid said he felt the victim would not change his ways of driving. Reid said he armed himself with a two-piece pool cue and waited for the victim to return. He said he wanted to throw the pool cue at the passing vehicle but did not see when the car drove past. Reid stated he approached the victim and said the victim ignored him. Reid admitted to hitting the victim on the top of the head with the pool cue, according to the report.

Reid was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. He was transported to the Marion County Jail where bond was set at $2,000. He has a court date set on June 29 at 9 a.m., jail records show.