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Ocala man allegedly chokes victim with forearm during argument over text messages

An 18-year-old Ocala man was arrested after allegedly choking a female victim with his forearm during an argument over text messages.

On Wednesday, November 3 at around 2:30 a.m., a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to an Ocala residence in response to a domestic disturbance.

A female victim told the deputy that she was in a physical altercation with Nathen Gage Collins.

Ocala man allegedly chokes victim with forearm during argument over text messages
Nathen Gage Collins

She stated that Collins entered her bedroom while she was trying to sleep, and he began asking her about text messages that she sent to another individual over two years ago.

When she told Collins that she did not remember sending text messages to that individual, he accused her of lying and grabbed her by the shoulders.

According to the victim, Collins began to shake her while she was still laying on the bed. When she attempted to get up, he shoved her back down and climbed on top of her.

She stated that she kicked Collins to create separation. As soon as she stood up, Collins allegedly pushed her against the wall with his right forearm.

The pressure on her upper chest and lower neck made it difficult to breathe. After biting Collins on the arm, he allegedly screamed at her and refused to let her leave the room.

Collins became upset when she attempted to use her cellphone to call for help. After briefly grabbing her cellphone, Collins allowed her to leave the room and she contacted law enforcement.

The deputy that arrived at the residence observed numerous bruises on the victim’s upper arms and face.

Collins spoke with the deputy and stated that the argument was about another man that the victim had sent a text message to around a year ago.

He admitted to grabbing the victim by the shoulders. He was unable to provide any other details of the incident, and repeatedly told the deputy that he did not mean to hurt her.

Collins was arrested and transported to Marion County Jail where he faces a felony charge for domestic battery by strangulation.

He is currently being held without bond and a court date has not been scheduled yet, according to jail records.