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Saturday, May 14, 2022

City of Ocala seeking approval of nearly $295,000 payout to former City Manager Sandra Wilson

The City of Ocala is seeking approval from council members to provide a nearly $295,000 payout to its former City Manager, Sandra Wilson.

The proposed payout to Wilson, in the amount of $294,227.64, will be presented to the Ocala City Council members for approval or denial during their regular meeting on Tuesday, May 3.

Ocala city manager Sandra Wilson fired
Former City Manager Sandra Wilson was fired during the Ocala City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 19

Council member Barry Mansfield motioned to terminate Wilson’s contract at the end of the Ocala City Council meeting that was held on Tuesday, April 19, and the motion was seconded by council member James Hilty. Mansfield referenced a recent city auditor’s report which addressed a whistleblower complaint that was made by a city employee, and the auditor was critical of management’s handling of contracts.

Mansfield, along with fellow council members Hilty and Kristen Dreyer, voted in favor of termination during the April 19 meeting. Council president Ire Bethea, Sr. and council member Jay Musleh provided the two dissenting votes. Following the meeting, Bethea was instructed to negotiate the payout terms that were stated in Wilson’s employment agreement with the City.

Bethea and Wilson have agreed to a payout in the amount of $294,0227.64. This amount includes severance equal to 20 weeks of pay ($92,012.67), administrative leave equal to 3 months of pay ($59,808.24), an Extended Leave Bank accrual balance of 590 hours ($67,876.60), and a Paid Time Off accrual balance of 287 hours ($33,069.40).

According to city records, Wilson’s annual salary was $239,232.95. Prior to her termination on April 19, her contract was set to expire in October 2022.

City staff is recommending approval of the payout terms of the employment agreement between the City and Wilson. If the payout terms are approved by city council members during next week’s meeting, Wilson has agreed to sign a General Release which would resolve all issues related to her employment with the City.

The Ocala City Council meets at 4 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of every month at Ocala City Hall, which is located at 110 SE Watula Avenue.