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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Dunnellon resident voices concerns regarding growth in Marion County’s rural areas

To the Editor:

Some would say I’m crazy for liking the woods over the city. I enjoy the peace it brings. I grew up in St. Cloud, Florida. It once was a small mom-and-pop kind of town. Over the years, it grew out of control, and now it’s way overcrowded.

So, I was forced to leave my hometown to seek more land to find my peace again. I finally found my sweet, quiet spot in the woods. I found it in the highlands in beautiful and rural Dunnellon, southwest of Ocala.

Now they want to build all this up. When will enough be enough? We do not want our way of life to be overrun by roads and buildings. We moved here for peace. We moved here for the beautiful forest and wildlife. We love our way of life, so please don’t take it all away. What would be lost would be so much more valuable than what is being envisioned by greed.

Listen to what the residents have to say and leave what is left of the rural areas alone. Stop the growth – we are full.

Christina Whitehead
Dunnellon resident

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