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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Ocala resident discusses need for road repairs, school funding

To the Editor:

We do not need any more property taxes going up. That’s why rental prices are going up and people can’t afford to pay rent. Also, what happened to all of this lotto money that’s supposed to be used for schools? Is it going into somebody’s pocket?

Marion county has raised enough taxes. The county can’t even fix the roads, especially the road between Midway and Pine in Silver Springs Shores. The embankment is washing away from the pavement and there are potholes. There’s a big pothole at the corner of Midway and Cedar.

Where is the infrastructure money that was supposed to come to Ocala? They want to build houses and hotels, but we don’t need them. We need the roads fixed. We also need money going to our schools, which is what the lotto is for, and evidently that money is not going to the schools. Just saying.

Sonja Ritter
Ocala resident

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