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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Mobile home donated to Belleview Sportsplex for onsite security

The Friends of Marion County Parks and Recreation Foundation, Inc. recently donated a mobile home to provide onsite security at the Belleview Sportsplex, which is located at 6501 SE 107th Street in Belleview.

The donation was accepted by the Marion County Board of County Commissioners, and it will become the parks system’s sixth onsite law enforcement residence program. This program leverages staffing while providing site security and a law enforcement presence to deter crime.

“We’re extremely grateful for this organization’s generosity,” stated Marion County Parks and Recreation Director Jim Couillard. “Large-scale donations like this, whether they be time or treasure, are deeply beneficial to our organization.”

The Friends of Marion County Parks and Recreation Foundation is a local nonprofit organization that provides volunteer and financial support to the programs, services, and facilities that are operated by the parks and recreation department. Foundation members volunteer for recreation programs and events like the department’s annual carnival and trunk-or-treats.

In addition, the foundation garners sponsorships, along with event and large-scale project funding, which allows thousands of dollars in summer camp scholarship funding to benefit the youth in Marion County. These scholarships provide local children with the opportunity to experience a summer filled with adventure, which is something that they would not be able to experience otherwise.

“We are proud to be able to provide these scholarships to the youth of Marion County,” stated Friends of Marion County Parks and Recreation Foundation President Jerry Furlong. “It is, without a doubt, the best initiative of this organization.”

To learn more about the Friends of Marion County Parks and Recreation Foundation, contact Sara Lambert, Community Engagement Coordinator, at 352-671-8797.

For more information on the parks and recreation department, visit the Marion County Parks and Recreation Department’s website.